We own the world of advanced holographic techniques, comprehensive security techniques and have built up several holographic anti-counterfeiting label manufacturing lines with an annual output of 5,000,000,000 labels and the first world-web holographic packaging production line in Middle East with an annual output of 50,000,000 square meters of holographic packaging materials

Mazan Holo Tech established in 1998.

A lot of our security holographic products have been successfully applied for famous brands and quality products. Since our establishment, our security holographic products are applied in various products lines of Electronics, Tea, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Tobacco, Medicine, Food & Food supplements and Wine, etc. We also offer security holograms used on the customs declaration for States Customs. The awareness of using the security holograms stickers in customized products in the region gave us the opportunity to become the major exporter of holographic security products in Middle East.

Mazan Holo Tech manufactures, produces, and distributes holographic and other 3D products for identification, authentication, security, and promotional uses.In association with Holographic Design Inc., Mazan Holo Tech products have been providing innovative imaged products and solutions for more than 10 years.

In addition to its own production capabilities, Our strategic association with CFC Northern Bank Note provides world-class capabilities in the creation and production of security holographic and printing for a wide range of products, including packages, hand tags, and other proven security devices.

Mazan Holo Tech now provides a full line of holographic products for apparel applications.

Mazan Holo Tech’s apparel holograms can be applied directly to shirts, jeans, hats, bags, etc., which remains bright and looking new even after 50+ launderings.

We are ISO certified company

Holograms are the only cost effective product that cannot be duplicated by any conventional printing, copying, or photo-reproductive process. Used on credit cards, licenses, passports and currency, holograms are recognized worldwide as premier security and authentication devices.Mazan Holo Tech Products, Inc. offers cost-effective security solutions to eliminate counterfeits. The use of holograms directly benefits your bottom line.Our hologram products are preventing the available Standard I.D. devices from easily duplicated at the local copy shop.

The hidden effects in holograms are costly to produce and extremely difficult to copy, which made them an excellent security tool. Security holograms are used on many common items. For example, in credit cards, the security labels and holograms to verify authenticity, companies apply security holograms to their products for counterfeiting prevention, and the holographic tax stamp has become a reliable, cost effective tool for local, regional and national governing agencies to ensure that taxable products are not being duplicated and excise revenues are being collected.

Security hologram labels are also used in a wide range of other applications to prevent unauthorized duplication or to verify the authenticity of products or documents like bank cheques, visas, etc.

Mazan Holo Tech produces security hologram labels for a diverse list of clients, including vehicle registration tags for a variety of foreign governments. We also offer special security label features such as sequentially numbered hologram labels and covert holograms. A covert security hologram has the information embedded within the hologram that will only become visible under laser light. It gives you an additional level of verification and security, so counterfeiting is nearly impossible.

Hologram labels are not used only for security purposes. The vivid colors, captivating sense of dimension and inherent value of holograms give you an endless source of inspiration for promotions. The presence of a hologram commands instant attention for your product or printed piece, and gives it talk value. Items containing holograms are also more likely to be saved by your audience. Mazan Holo Tech has created hologram labels to be used on promotional pieces for clients ranging from global marketing companies to sporting events and sports memorabilia. In addition to holograms, we also offer other unique features to add impact to your piece, including sequential numbering and three color flexographic printing in register to the hologram image.
Mazan Holo Tech manufactures a line of transparent hologram ID overlays. The Hologram ID overlays are designed to apply in items such as ID cards, paper cards sheet and employee badges for an added level security. Currently, we have seven (stock) hologram ID images available. However Mazan Holo Tech also has the ability to create custom registered holograms in addition to random "wallpaper" patterns. A registered hologram allows for greater security, in this case, the features can be designed around the specific layout of an ID card or badge. The makes for easier, more reliable security authentication.
These holographic induction sealing Wads are aluminum induction cap with hologram seals which are widely used to prevent tampering of products in Pharmaceutical , Lubricants bottles, oil bottles, Food packages pesticides and various other industries. These holographic induction sealing wads prevent the product from leakage or any sort of contamination. Holographic induction sealing wads offer an excellent and unique fool proof anti – counterfeit.

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Our Stickers and Labels not only ensure security of the products, but its vibrant looks add up to the beauty. Used in various applications, our products can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients.

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