Virtual Messenger

Just Imagine that you are summoned across a trade show floor by an interesting attractive and engaging personality. You make eye contact and suddenly you are involved in a one-on-one interaction. Just as quick, you become aware that this is actually an impressive and convincing Live simulation of a real person somehow created and projected in front of you. Is it a hologram or 3-D simulation? Only by looking behind the figure can you get an idea that what you see only exit through “Virtual Messenger “ advanced technology.

Our production facilities provide a high quality finished product, putting your presentation above and beyond any other filmed video message. Your customized message can hold photos, video, audio and full motion graphics. Your system is completely self contained and portable. Virtually anyone can present your message in a direct and knowledgeable format. Your incredible avatar can be either male or female, unknown or celebrity, well known products or even a cartoon character. The system is totally flexible. Your products actually speak for themselves.