LensO graphics

MAZAN being an outstanding manufacturer & supplier of holographic stickers & labels has now introduced a new state of the art technology to give a much better effect regardless of the normal hologram stickers supplied. As a leading manufacturer of holograms, we here within are to develop new products to stay a step ahead of counterfeiters and competitors.

This new technology is named as “LensO’graphics Images”. This image is made by an innovative and unique micro-structure mastering technology. It allows us to create Fresnel lenses, metal brush, ultra fine mechanical embossing effects on thin plastic films, transferring foils, cold foils and hot-stamping foils, and of course can be converted on to other substances such as papers, card boards, thick plastics, molded plastic items, etc.

LensO’graphics Images can be easily applied on to the products which needs an eye-catching look, anti counterfeiting function or both.

LensO’graphics gives an impressively dramatic three dimensional, metal engraving, metal brush, optical lens effects at much lower manufacturing and converting costs than previous technologies.

Mazan can make any image with this technology at resolution form 254 to 2540 DPI.