Holographic Paper

Hologram Paper is one of the most common packaging materials seen today. While holographic paper and Paper /paper Adhesive/ paperboard can be used in the same ways as plain metalized paper/paperboard, holography brings its own unique kinetic effects that greatly increases a products’ shelf appeal. Mazan holoTech paper products consist of two families: eco-paper/paperboard™ and film laminated paperboard. Both products feature bright, colorful refractive hologram patterns and excellent printability.

The eco-paperboard™ is made by embossing holograms right onto paper. Therefore, eco-paperboard™ is 100% recyclable paper and has the same overprinting, crease and fold characteristics as conventional paper. The products are ideal for conversion into boxes, packaging, point of purchase displays, tags, labels, and stationarysuch as cards, stickers and folders. Eco-Paperboard Film laminated products are produced by laminating PET or BOPP films to paper or paperboard. The film laminated products have all the overprinting, crease and fold characteristics of conventional paper boards. Thanks to the film laminates, the board is more durable and water -repellant on the film side than standard paperboard. Most commonly seen applications include consumer packaging, CD Cases, point of purchase displays, corporate literature and folders